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New Rods Ready to Catch Fish!

I've made a couple of post about the new conventional gear that I have placed on the boat. Now, I finally get to post about the new fly rods I have!

Nothing gets me more excited than receiving a rod I feel will have a tremendous impact on a customer's fishing experience. I just received my new TFO Axiom 2-X fly rods, in line weights 5-8! I have been super excited about these rods since helping to test them earlier this year. Now, they are finally here and ready for action!

Why was I so excited about these rods? To put it simple, they are one of the finest rods I have ever held in my had and been fortunate to test on the water, instead of just grass. From the moment I picked them up, I knew these rods were going to send a shock wave through the fly fishing realm. They are as light as any rod on the market; no longer will anyone complain about the TFO rod feeling "heavy" or "clunky" when they pick up the larger line weights. These rods feel as light as any $700 or $1000 rod on the market. They are fast. These rods recover as fast as any other rod on the market. Watching the tip in ultra-slow motion you can see how fast the tip recovers, allowing extremely tight loops, but also accepting casting errors without ruining the entire cast. While testing, the one word we all kept coming back to was SMOOTH. This is the best description of the new Axiom 2-X there is. The rod feels fluid and smooth throughout the casting stroke; there is no sudden jerk, no weird flex, no flat spot in the arc. This allows every caster to feel the rod load better and enhance their ability to cast better. Of course, none of this matters unless a rod is also accurate. The tip design of the Axiom 2-X makes it one of the, if not the most accurate rod out there. The tip doesn't flex in a different direction from the rest of the rod, so where you cast is where the fly goes. This is extremely important when trying to cast to cruising or tailing fish. We tested accuracy at every distance a person may normally fish, from 15 feet to 80 feet, and we were all blown away.

Why should you be excited about this rod? This rod will fit almost every level of fly caster out there, from beginner to advanced. It will allow casters to improve their casting ability because they can feel the cast and the rod's response, without any delay or deflection. The Axiom 2-X does all of this for under $400! This makes it the first SUPERB fly rod on the market that is affordable for the majority of anglers. Go check out your local pro shop and give them a try, I think you will be impressed.

TFO Axiom 2-X Fly Rod
TFO Axiom 2-X Fly Rods


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