This page is dedicated to the custom flies tied by Captain John Tarr and utilized in many of his fly fishing charters.  Each fly is tied with a specific need in mind and utilizes the materials to help create that design.  These flies have been tried on numerous occasions and each one has been successful multiple times.  Captain John Tarr has been tying flies for almost 30 years and has an intimate knowledge of materials, hooks, and tying methods required to tie a multitude of flies.  This page will be updated frequently, as flies are added to the arsenal or new species of fish are targeted.  Each fly shown can be tied in various colors and sizes, to match your needs.  To order, please send us an email or call.  We like to speak in-person, if possible, to make sure we understand exactly what you desire.  Have a fly you love, but can't find?  Contact us.  Captain John Tarr can replicate most flies without an issue.

Spartina Turner redfish , seatrout fly

Spartina Turner

This fly was originally tied for large seatrout.  However, it has proven to be very effective on redfish, snook, and laid up tarpon. ($6/each)

Okeechobee Slider redfish fly

Okeechobee Slider

Redfish cannot resist the movement provided by the marabou tail.  The deer hair pushes water well too and enables a soft landing. ($4.50/ each)

Backwater Baitfish fly, snook fly, redfish fly, seatrout fly, tarpon fly

Backwater Baitfish

All synthetic baitfish pattern for redfish, snook, seatrout and tarpon.  A staple in any fly box. ($6/each)

Craft Fur Shrimp redfish fly, snook fly, seatrout fly, tarpon fly

Craft Fur Shrimp

A simple, but very effective shrimp fly.  Redfish, black drum and seatrout love it.  Light, all synthetic, with lots of movement. ($4/each)

Redfish Toad Fly, redfish fly, black drum fly

Redfish Toad

The Toad was known for tarpon, but we added lead eyes and made it for redfish.  Sinks fast and provides lots of tail movement. ($5/each)

Crease Popper Fly, snook fly, seatrout fly, tarpon fly

Crease Popper

This may be the best popper for snook and seatrout I've found.  Easy to cast and makes the perfect amount of noise, while still looking like a baitfish. ($5/each)

Redfish Critter redfish fly

Redfish Critter

A fly specifically desgined for redfish cruising along shorelines and oyster bars.  Buggy, easy to see and lands softly. ($4/each)

Sexy Slider redfish fly, seatrout fly

Sexy Slider

My first published fly.  Redfish, cobia, largemouth bass, brown trout and more have been taken with this fly. ($4.50/each)

RD Baitfish, seatrou fly, snook fly, tarpon fly, redfish fy

RD Baitfish

Another great baitfish pattern.  Tied with all synthetic materials.  A little smaller than the Backwater Baitfish. ($6/each)

Bendback Shrimp Fly, redfish fly, snook fly

Bendback Shrimp

A more weedless designed shrimp.  This fly lands so light, it can be dropped on their head.  Redfish, seatrout, snook and more eat this. ($4/each)

Chernobyl PM Fly, redfish fly, seatrout fly

Chernobyl PM

Tim Borski made this fly famous.  A great "crab" fly for suspended redfish, or those cruising through heavy grass.  A must have for all saltwater fly boxes. ($6/each)

Craft Fur Minnow Fly, seatrout fly, snook fly, tarpon fly

Polar Fiber Minnow

Every fish loves this fly: redfish, snook, tarpon, bass and more.  Lots of movement and action in the water.  If they eat baitfish, they'll eat this. ($6/each)