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Fly Tying During Social Distancing

With a few weeks of Social Distancing left, I decided to start some tying videos. This is the first, which is befitting, since this fly was my first published fly. I'm still working on the best camera angles, but wanted to get one up to help give you a little something to do and maybe give your mind a break.

The Sexy Slider was developed from Tim Borski's Redfish Slider. I had been utilizing his fly on redfish, in Mosquito Lagoon. However, so was everyone else. The fish became educated and there were several times that the original fly didn't work. So, I decided to modify it. When I designed this fly, I spent most of my fishing time in a kayak (well before they were popular). It gave me a very close observation point and I learned a ton about the feeding habits of my quarry. I decided that the slider needed more movement in the water and needed to push more water, so the fish could feel it, if they didn't see it. With that, I modified the tie, using different material.

I was approached to have the fly tied commercially, but felt I needed to speak with Tim first, out of respect for the originator. Tim and I had spoken a few times and I had him as a guest tier at the shop; so, we knew each other. I sent him a message and let him know about the design and asked for his permission to sign a contract. If you know Tim, you know he is a humble guy and very funny. Long story short, he gave me permission and was astonished that I even asked; later, after he saw the fly, he complimented me on the design changes. I only add this caveat as I believe it is important to give credit to those who led the way; for this fly, it was Tim Borski. It's hard to develop a truly original fly, but I believe that you do need to give credit to the person who inspires any fly you tie. Who knows, maybe this video will inspire someone out there to change it a little more and make it even better!

Enjoy the video and enjoy some time at your vise, creating something for an upcoming fishing trip! Tight Lines and Screaming Drags - Captain John Tarr


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