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Environmental Highlights

The National news and several social media sites have placed Florida and its environment in the headlines for several years. Very few of these reports have been positive. In fact, I really haven't found any that had any positive news. Well, I am here to say that all of the Doom and Gloom does not represent all of Florida.

What you are not hearing about are the positive reports on restoration efforts throughout the state and in particular, the ones that have been successful and continue to expand. These programs include shoreline stabilization, grass restoration, oyster restoration, clam restoration, new fish stocking methods, garbage clean-up, reduction in run-off, and the list goes on! Very few outside the state realize that our new governor, Gov. Ron DeSantis, has done more in nine months that most of our prior governors combined.

Yes, we sill have some issues, and we still have work to do. The great news: we are COMMITTED to make sure these changes take place. We are COMMITTED to make sure that our grandchildren will have even better conditions than we did as kids.

Every week, I am going to try and highlight one of these efforts; the only restriction will be the ability to receive the information from those involved. I want to show and talk about the results, and spread the news that Florida is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! We rely on anglers coming down and enjoying the outdoors and the number of people doing that has dwindled. Well, I will give everyone a reason to come back and enjoy the best of Natural Florida!

If you have a restoration effort you would like highlighted, please let me know! I don't care how small the project is, it deserves attention.

Seatrout|Captain John Tarr|Tailhunter Outdoor Adventures
Clear water for sight fishing conditions.

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