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Changes Coming Soon

I've had a project in the works and it will be launching soon. Tailhunter Outdoor Adventures will be changed to Paradise Pirate Fishing Charters. There are a couple of reasons for this change and they have to do with business, not with services. Paradise Pirate Fishing Charters will be offering the same fishing charters, ecotours, bowfishing excursions, and photography tours. All trips will continue to be run by Captain John Tarr, who has provided more than 20 years of guiding in the Central Florida area.

During this change, the website address will still link to the new website and this will continue for at least a year. I own the domain name and will keep it since I have had it for a long time. However, when the web pages come up, they will have the new name and logo. During this process, the website is also being redesigned. This is all being done behind the scenes, so users will not be interrupted or notice a difference until the changes are made and ready to go.

When the changes are completed and the new site goes live, I do not want anyone being surprised or thinking the website was hijacked. Hence the reason for this blog and emails that will go out to existing customers. So, why the change?

First, the name Tailhunter, which I originally starting using in the 1990's has been confused with everything from deer hunting to more obscene issues; in fact, my kids' principal once stated my logoed truck should not be at the elementary school. Yes, she felt a little foolish when I told her what it actually was. Second, there are other fishing charters in Florida with similar names that people sometimes get confused with (some of which I do not wish to be associated with). I work hard for my clients and my reputation and do not want to be confused with another charter that may or may not put the same emphasis on customer satisfaction. Third, the name change is a way for me to be reminded on who helped me have the chance to start this career path; my dad. When I wanted to get my captain's license, I was barely able to afford taking care of my family on a police salary. My father didn't hesitate to help me pay for captain's school, only asking that I follow through after obtaining it. My dad came up with the name and the logo for his boat, which is now a part of my fishing charter business. Last, I like the logo and have always been a pirate at heart.

I hope everyone enjoys the new look that is going to take place. My son and I are working hard to get it going and I can't wait for everyone to see the changes. Once these changes are complete, there will be even more activity on the website, as I kick things into high gear with photos, videos, stories and more. I want to thank you all for the support you have given me and I look forward to our continued friendships during our next adventures! Here's a little sneak peak at the new logo!

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Paradise Pirate Fishing Charters

AAArrghhhh...have a great day matey! (yeah I know, kinda cheesy but had to do it!)

- Captain John Tarr


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