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A True Gamechanger

The Gamechanger Fly has been a great addition to my fly box. This fly was invented by a good friend of mine, Blane Chocklett. Although I was tying the fly for quite a while, it was earlier this year I got spend a couple of days with Blane, and we went over the fly; how to tie it and the thought process behind it. Basically, the fly is a multi-linked fly, tied on several stainless steel links. The links are put together, and then the body is trimmed (Blane is expert enough to trim as he builds it, us mortals do it at the end). This gives the fly an ultra-realistic movement, as each shank can move freely. While the baitfish is the most well known version, there are shrimp versions, insect versions, squid versions and I may have come up with a crab version (testing right now). Blane's focus was to create a fly that would drive the natural predator instinct in a fish, through a natural, injured movement. Well, he did it! While the flies can be time consuming to tie, they are definitely worth it. Everything in the saltwater and freshwater loves them. If you haven't tried one yet, you owe it to yourself to do so. They are available in various sizes, colors and styles. Most are made from synthetics, so they can be cast on rods as small as a 5-weight, without issue.

Gamechanger Fly
Gamechanger Fly


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