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Fishing and Relaxation

Summer time has hit Florida and the weather is perfect to come enjoy our wonderful outdoor opportunities. A lot of people like to take the summer and travel with their family or at least take a break from the monotony of working Monday through Friday. If you truly want to relax, come join Tailhunter Outdoor Adventures for a day of fishing or an ecotour. Either choice will have you sighing with relief as we push away from the dock and head into the Florida waters. What does each trip offer?

Ecotours are designed for anyone that wants to spend two hours or more traveling through Natural Florida and learning all about our environment. Enjoy watching dolphins cruise and hunt, observe manatees lazily eating grass or maybe nursing their young, learn about the local history, and receive an in-depth look into the intricacies and issues facing our unique ecosystem. Each ecotour is designed to the customer's desires and there is never a shortage of photo opportunities. Tired of watching your kids sit behind a computer screen or IPad, bring them out to enjoy nature. You'll be amazed at their transformation when they get to see nature and interact with it in real life.

The majority of my business revolves around fishing; especially this time of year. Summer provides a great time on the water, with a huge variety of fish coming to the area. Right now, snook have been providing some great action on the fishing trips. Snook are ambush predators, making them a great fish for those just beginning to fish saltwater. They are vicious when they strike, exploding from the water and leaping into the air. Once hooked, they are powerful fighters that know every inch of their underwater lair and try their best to cut you off on structure or use their razor sharp gill plates to cut the line. Snook are also some of the most beautiful fish you will see. While snook are providing plenty of action, Tarpon are the Silver Kings of the water and their numbers increase every day; along with the size of the fish arriving. The majority of the tarpon in the area right now are 15-50 pounds. But it will not be long before fish over 100 pounds are here. Tarpon are the hardest fish we have, inshore, to hook and land. Their mouth is mostly bone, requiring needle sharp hook points and strong hook sets to penetrate the bone and hold. Once hooked, these fish are powerful and explosive. They leap through the air, shake their heads and rattle their gills, all in an attempt to escape. If you manage to hook a large one and make it through the initial craziness, you will test your fish fighting skills with a fish that refuses to quit. Muster enough strength and have a little luck on your side, and you can get a photo with a fish of a lifetime. Want something a little less heart pounding? We can head into the flats where we will hunt redfish, black drum and seatrout. All of these fish are sight fished, meaning we search the shallow waters along oyster bars, grass flats, and sand shorelines, looking for individual fish to cast at and catch. Redfish and Black Drum provide powerful fights, more like a bull than a thoroughbred. They are a great battle on fly and light tackle gear. While they average 3-7 pounds, both fish can easily reach more than 20-30 pounds and that size provides a tough fight. Seatrout are the true masters of camouflage in the area and are by far the most wary fish we have; at least the big ones that I chase. While small seatrout like deeper water and are easily fooled, large ones are solitary hunters in the shallows and are extremely difficult to fool. Thankfully I have the boat needed for the task and the experience to know how to hunt them properly. Last year we had 12 seatrout over 30" landed; these fish were caught by truly sight fishing them with either fly are artificial jigs/lures, not bait. A trout of this size is a true trophy and something that every angler can be proud of.

Small redfish can bring big smiles

Whichever trip you choose, it will be a memorable trip. I can guarantee that you'll laugh, learn a lot, and experience the best that Natural Florida has to offer. Please, don't worry about your experience, or lack there of. I have taught plenty of people how to fish and still have success on trips with beginner anglers. For those with more experience, you will still be challenged and enjoy your time.

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