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Great Sight Fishing

Taking a day off the water, due to weather moving in, and I cannot stop thinking about how good fishing has been recently. Spring through summer is still my favorite time to fish this area, even though some others find conditions less than ideal; mostly due to heat and bugs. But, that's Florida and if you want to enjoy the outdoors here, you learn to deal with the heat and how to overcome any bugs.

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Why do I love this time of year? First, the weather becomes more predictable. With few exceptions, today being one of them thanks to a little tropical disturbance, the mornings are calm and clear. Most days the water looks like a mirror, reflecting every image off the surface like the most finely polished mirror man can make. This makes seeing tails, backs, wakes, and even the slightest surface disturbance very easy to observe. Second, I love the availability of more fish types. As the weather warms, snook and tarpon become common targets, along with the redfish and big seatrout. It makes for more excitement and possibilities during the day, for anglers of all skills. Snook are still my favorite, but tarpon are not far behind. How can you not like fish that hit hard, fight hard, and are beautiful to look at? Third is the time needed to enjoy the day. With more predictable conditions, most trips can be four to six hours, instead of all day affairs that a lot of people cannot physically handle. We start early, finish early, and enjoy an afternoon lunch and cold beverage; not a bad way to relax after enjoying the outdoors. This time of year, with longer days, also offers some great opportunity for afternoon into evening trips. After the rains, the waters slick out, cool down, and fish go nuts. So, even after working all day, I can get you out to enjoy the outdoors.

Recent trips have included big snook, little snooklets, redfish a plenty, and some of the biggest trout I've seen. You know it is a good time when you spot a trout that is bigger than a 30" snook; in both length and girth! This is the time of years dreams can be made; yes, the fish have to cooperate and your casts have to be on target, but when it all comes together, it makes for a great day!

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