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Product Showcase - Flymen Fishing Company

A new feature for Tailhunter Outdoor Adventures will be product showcase blogs. These blogs are intended to inform you of products that I utilize, which you may find useful in your own fishing situations. It is also a chance give some fishing tips and to highlight some of the great companies that I work with. I'm going to start with a new partner: Flymen Fishing Company.

Flymen Fishing Company is a fly and fly tying supply company. They have some great products, from realistic eye to some very innovative popper heads and fly masks. But, the first product I want to highlight is their articulated fish spines. Perhaps the most recognized tier using this product is Blane Chocklett, well known for his Gamechanger series of flies. These flies use the articulated fish spines in a linking series, enabling a fly to have the most realistic movement you can obtain. I recently got to spend a couple of days with Blane and we discussed his fly at length. He gave me a lot of pointers for improving my flies and demonstrated just how deadly these flies can be. While they can be a little time consuming to tie, I will say that they are worth every minute it takes.

Articulated Fish Spine by Flymen Fishing Company

I started using Gamechangers last year, during tarpon season. Tarpon in my area are notoriously picky, especially the big ones. The Gamechanger proved to be just that; tarpon couldn't resist the action and promptly slammed it when I placed it in front of them. Then I found another bonus: redfish, snook and seatrout loved it too. I hooked more large snook on this fly, last year, than I had hooked in previous years combined.

If you want to learn how tie with these spines, check out Their web site has photos and videos demonstrating tying techniques and tips. In the very near future, Blane Chocklett will have a new book on the Gamechanger series of flies. It will be a great addition to every fly tier's library and I will let you know as soon as it comes out.

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