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Tis the Season for Great Fishing

The Christmas season is upon us and I wish to take the time to wish all of my customers and followers a Merry Christmas! This is usually a hectic time of year for everyone, but it is also a time to take a little pause and be appreciative of everything we have been blessed with. I am so grateful for each and every one of my customers and all that God has provided me with. I truly believe that each person I have had the privilege of meeting has brought something new to my business and my life; I hope that I was able to return that to you. I hope that the Christmas season finds you well, and that the blessing continue into the new year. I also hope that I get to see each of you in the next year, enjoying some quality time of the boat. As the 2019 year begins, I will be expanding some services, trying to find even more ways to make your outdoor adventures more special and memorable than ever!

December has started with out typical Florida bi-polar weather. This is the time of year that cold fronts push through every week. A day or two before the front pushed through, the fish tend to feed heavily, as the barometric pressure allows them to sense the approaching weather. These are great days to be on the water and I have had a lot of great fishing the last few weeks during this time frame. The day of the front pushing through and the day after are usually a little less favorable. Winds, rain and clouds typically make these days difficult and the fish are feeding less enthusiastically than the prior days. Still, with a little hard work, they can be located and caught. Then there are the days after that, which can be the best fishing conditions Florida has to offer. The winds start to lay day, the sky is bright and cloudless, and the fish are ready to hunt again. Depending on when the next front approaches, this time frame may be three or four days in length. These three or four days are terrific. Redfish, seatrout, black drum, sheepeshead, and more begin their prowling along the edges. As the day warms up, they move up into shallower water, where they are often partially exposed as they creep along the mangroves and grasses, looking for prey. These cold fronts also clear up the water, making fish much easier to see; in fact, this is the time of year that seeing fish a few hundred feet in advance is often possible. I love it when I can stand on the poling platform and call out five or six different fish, prowling the flats, one after another. It tends to relax anglers and makes them realize if they miss a shot, there will be plenty of others. The cooler water also holds more oxygen, making the fish fight harder, which everyone loves.

This time of year is also a great time to explore the St John's River. These are the trips I suggest on those days when you want to fish and the wind is howling. Due to the nature of the St. John's River, with its multiple switchbacks and oxbows, we can always find a location out of the wind. Ultralight spinning gear is perfect for this area, as we target crappie (specks), bream, and schoolie bass. The test comes when a surprise Striper crashes the jig and puts all of your angler skills to the test. This is also the perfect fishing for those who want to have a family fish fry at the end of the day. These fish are like eating sweet little pieces of heaven; light, flaky, and almost as sweet as sugar. The action can be fast, once the schools are located, but even on a slow day, the beauty of this area cannot be beat. You never know what you may cross paths with here: deer, hogs, eagles, alligators, bears, and more can be observed while fishing. It is definitely something you want to try if you have never been. Fly anglers can also get in on the action and when the shad arrive, there will be plenty of fly action.

No matter what trip you prefer, I will do everything I can to make sure you enjoy every moment. I have all of the equipment needed, so the only thing you need to bring is yourself. We will melt into the natural world, leaving behind the hectic lives we deal with every day, getting back to our roots. I can guarantee that by the end of the day, you will feel more refreshed, more calm, and your mind will be at peace. Looking for that perfect gift? I offer gift certificates for all of my trips: fishing, photography, ecotours, or sunset cruises. Help your loved ones relax and introduce them to the beauty of Natural Florida.

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