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Great Fishing and Back to School Special

This year just seems to be flying by . It's August, which means it is time to start the back to school preparations. I remember this time of

year when the kids were younger: get the lists, go to the stores crammed with all of the other parents and kids, try to find all of the supplies, stand in line, and repeat. We hated it. People were angry, rude and the stores never had enough of the items you needed. Then there was the clothes shopping. Ugh. Well, fortunately enough, we survived and the kids grew up. Now we just have to shop for my wife's classroom; it's a little easier. During this time, I can also remember thinking about one thing while standing in lines are having carts pushed into me: how nice it would be to be sitting in the boat, fishing, relaxing, and watching nature. With that thought in mind, I wanted to give something special to those who have to walk the trenches of back to school shopping. So, for the month of August, I am offering $75 off any trip; the trip must take place during this month. So, whether you want to fish, enjoy an ecotour, take some pictures, or relax at sunset with a cold beverage, schedule a trip and come relax. You owe it to yourself!

Captain John Tarr|Tailhunter Outdoor Adventures|Redfish

Fishing the last two weeks has been as good as it gets. Redfish are cruising, tailing, backing and crushing bait along the shorelines. Tarpon are rolling and taking properly presented offerings, then offering up spectacular air shows. Snook are returning from spawning, hungrier than ever and ready to test your ability to pull the from cover. We have seen some of the biggest seatrout to boot too; these monsters are over 30", they are wary, and they will test every aspect of your angling ability. Want more? Well, let's add in black drum. These fish are big, powerful, and it takes skill to place something in the right position. But when you do, they will give you a fight you won't forget. All of these fish are great targets for fly or light conventional gear. Whichever method you prefer, I have you covered.

I shouldn't forget the freshwater side of our fishing world either. The vast amounts of rain we have sustained has pushed the banks of the St. John's River to the flood stage. In many places, it is difficult to tell where her normal channel banks are located and where the cow pastures begin. But, with this, comes some great largemouth bass fishing. The fish are spread out a little, but the big ones take advantage of this and it can be a spectacular topwater bite. When the bass bite slows down, there are always plenty of panfish and bowfin to keep the action going.

No matter where you want to fish, I have you covered. From the Tomoka River in Ormond Beach, to the St John's River, and down south to Cocoa Beach and the Indian River. I have lived here and fished these waters for over 35 years.

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