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A New Year Awaits

The end of 2017 is approaching fast; less than a week away now. The new year means that a lot of people will be making resolutions. People will make promises to quit smoking, eat better, go to the gym, lose weight, work harder, and tons of other activities that most will not stick with. It is far easier to make a resolution that you enjoy and has benefits too. One of those: get outdoors and enjoy everything nature has to offer. Whether you prefer fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, or photography, these activities can benefit us all. Each one of them offers relaxation, a way to reconnect with the world, and a way to enjoy what nature has to offer. All this, while leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the daily work grind. So, choose the activity that interest you and get to it! I already have.

December in Florida has provided us with a few cold fronts, dropping the air and water temperatures, making it much more enjoyable outdoors. Lower humidity, cooler winds, and more moderate temperatures makes a full day on the water a lot more fun and increases the activity. The biggest benefit to our area is an increase in water clarity. The water levels have dropped and the clarity is back to where it should be. This makes seeing our target fish much easier. Redfish, trout and black drum are cruising the flats, hunting for shrimp and crabs, all while you are looking through crystal clear waters. This is a perfect time to enjoy sight fishing at its finest. Cooler water temperatures also mean higher oxygen levels, making the fish even tougher. Fly fishers can take this advantage to reduce the size of the equipment used, going from 8 and 9 weight outfits to 6 and 7 weight outfits; it adds a little sport, and reduces the overall fatigue from a full day of fishing.

Recent trips have been great. The fish are cooperative and happy to take various soft plastics, crab flies, and shrimp flies.

This video was taken just before Christmas, with my customer Paul Greaves. Paul made a great cast and was rewarded with one of his biggest redfish on fly. This is the type of action that is taking place! It doesn't matter if you fly fish or prefer conventional gear, the fish are just as happy to take either offer. In addition to redfish like these, there are plenty of large seatrout and black drum. If you happen to book a day during a little warm-up period, the snook are happy to play too.

As 2017 winds down and 2018 begins, take some time to re-energize yourself and enjoy the outdoors; you will definitely notice a difference in your own happiness and health! Let's not forget that shad season, crappie season, and bowfishing season are just around the corner. If you're interested, call or email me for details. Do not wait too long, as the seasons book fast!

Redfish on Fly

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