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(Available Year Round, but March through June is the best time)

               Want to try crossing hunting and fishing?  Not a problem.  Bowfishing gives you the challenge of stalking a fish on foot, with the difficulty of bow hunting.  This combination makes for a challenging adventure.  Unlike other bowfishing areas, specialized equipment isn’t needed here.  Just your bow (recurve or compound will work), and arrows with field points. Sorry, equipment isn’t provided for this trip, as everyone has different draw lengths, pullback strength, and sighting issues.  These trips specifically target tilapia.  No, these aren’t your nasty, store bought, farm raised tilapia.  These are wild tilapia, free swimming, and naturally foraging.  They’re a blast to hunt, a wary target, and very tasty on the table!  If you love to bow hunt and fish, I promise you’ll love this too.

Check out the video page for a highlight on bowfishing!

              1/2 day trip (4 hours): $350

              3/4 day trip (6 hours): $425 - most selected trip

              Full day trip (8 hours): $500

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bowfishing Trips

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