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Join in the Conversation - Facebook Page

Tailhunter Outdoor Adventures business page is up and running on Facebook. I urge you to use the link at the bottom of the website to connect and like the Facebook page. Why? Well, Facebook is where we have some open discussions and product highlights. While I update the website on a routine basis, the Facebook page allows me to engage with followers and answer questions, discuss fishing techniques, discuss equipment, and showcase daily highlights. Many of these things would overload the website and some people feel uncomfortable asking questions on a website. So, Social Media is being utilized to make it easier. You can send me direct messages, post pictures, ask questions of everyone that follows the page, and the list goes on.

Please, share the page with your fishing friends! It is less about getting charters and more about sharing information. As the page grows, the information shared will also grow. Have something special you want to see or know, just let me know. Rigging, fly tying, rod/reel questions, anything that pertains to fishing; their are no limitations. Hope to see you there!


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