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Ready for a Break in Paradise?

Sunrise over Paradise

Every day, people ask, "How are you?" My answer is always the same: another day in paradise! While some people may answer this way in a sarcastic manner, I really mean it. I live in an area that is as close to paradise as I can get. Gorgeous sunrises, beautiful weather, endless waters, and bountiful areas to fish and observe wildlife. There are few days I cannot get out and enjoy this life and I try to take advantage of every one that I can. While many people have to commute highways and traffic congestion to get to work, I travel a few miles, drop the skiff in, and run through winding waterways, leaving the congested, noisy world behind. This same piece of paradise awaits you and you owe it to yourself to come enjoy it! Stop putting it off! Take a few days and come join me and the tranquility that only nature can provide. It will relax you, clear your mind, and re-energize your soul! Why are you waiting? What benefit does waiting give you: another opportunity for something to happen, another day of chaos and wearing you down, another day for another excuse? Why am I pushing? Because I know what this can do for your soul, mental well-being, physical health and you need it!

The middle of September has arrived and before too long, the holidays will be upon us. More chaos added to our already over-loaded lives. September also means the arrival of fall and somewhat cooler temperatures. Days on the water start a little later and the lower humidity and lower temperatures make it more enjoyable to be on the water. While the temperatures may be cooler, the fishing is still just as hot! Redfish, seatrout, snook, tarpon and black drum are abundant and they have been happy to provide us with plenty of action. The last few trips have all had the chance to end with a slam; some were successful, some the fish managed to get off. Still, the fact we hooked slams are always great.

Z-Man fooled Redfish

Redfish are entering their fall pattern, where they smash any baitfish they can find, but will also take crabs or shrimp. It's a fun time, as they tend to be less selective than other times of the year. Soft plastics and flies are great choices during this time and will catch just as many fish as live bait. Sometimes we will find the fish in large schools and at other times they will be in small groups or singles. No matter how we find them, they are happy to eat.

Seatrout are also gorging themselves on baitfish. Topwater action can be tremendous during this time of year and progressively gets a little better as we enter October. This is also a great time to pick the fly rod up and chase true Gator Trout!

Gator Seatrout on Fly

Sight fishing these beasts takes fly fishing to a whole new level. When you see a Gator Trout easing across the flat or laid up, waiting to ambush some poor baitfish, your whole body will start to get nervous and placing the fly in just the right area can be difficult. But, when you are successful, you will have completed one of the greatest angling feats there is.


Snook fishing has been on fire this year. We have observed and caught snook in areas that I have never seen them in my 38 years of fishing here. Many of our mangrove shorelines are holding the fish and some of them are monsters. Snook fishing will continue until we get our first hard cold snap. Until then, we can target these fish and actually sight fish them on the shorelines and under mangroves. It can be tough getting to the fish with a good presentation, but the results are explosive and the fight is bound to bring a smile to your face.

Tarpon on Fly

The larger tarpon have mostly moved offshore and into the inlets, where the mullet run is taking placed. However, we still have plenty of small to mid-size tarpon; these fish will range from 5 pounds to about 50 pounds. They become voracious feeders as small schools of mullet run through the river and it is a perfect time for topwater or fly fishing for them. The Gamechanger Fly has been awesome at fooling tarpon this year and the mullet run is only making this better. Z-Man's Pop Shadz has also been working great for these fish. It's hard to beat watching a tarpon crash topwater and then leap into the area a few feet, head shaking and gills rattling.

Yes, I truly believe I live in paradise. The fishing opportunities listed above are just an example of what is available. Black drum, sheepshead, largemouth bass, and more can be targeted. No matter your choice, I'll get you to the area and provide a relaxing day for you to enjoy. Stop waiting and making excuses! You owe yourself a break!

Call me and let's book that trip! 386-314-5998

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As a reminder, 50% of ALL trips paid for in September will go to help the recovery efforts in the Bahamas, though a Go-Fund-Me page set up by Abaco Lodge. My commitment to the families in the Bahamas is unwavering. We continue to collect donations for them and I will do everything possible to help!

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