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2018 - Make Your Dreams Come True

Captain John Tarr Fishing Charters|Tailhunter Outdoor Adventures|Florida|Fishing Photos

2017 was a great year for fishing. Redfish, seatrout, snook, and tarpon were plentiful. In fact, it was the best snook fishing we have had in over a decade. These are just a few of the photos from the year, giving a small sample of some days on the water. Nothing makes me happier than bringing a smile to a customer's face, by providing them with the opportunity to make a dream of theirs come true.

2018 is now upon us and will give me the opportunity to brings more smiles and help more dreams come true. The early months will provide plenty of opportunity, no matter what style of fishing you like. January through April makes for some great sight fishing for redfish and gator seatrout. The water is clear and shallow, making it one of the best times to be on the flats. If you prefer freshwater fishing, I can handle that too. Again, January through April provides some spectacular fishing in the St. John's River; one of my favorite places to go and perhaps the most beautiful area remaining of Natural Florida. Crappie, bream, shad (American and Hickory), and largemouth bass provide plenty of targets for ultralight spinning, as well as fly fishing. If you want to target some big largemouth bass, March into May is great time and the weather is usually perfect. April and May starts our trend toward the summertime and fishing only gets better. Bowfishing for Tilapia hits its peak during this time and it is hard to get more challenging than stalking these wary fish on the flats of the St. John's River and taking them with a bow. Snook fishing also heats up, making for fast action on fly or conventional gear. As the warming trend continues, the tarpon will arrive. These are the fish of dreams and nightmares; big, beautiful, and perhaps the toughest fighter around. Of course, redfish and seatrout continue all year round, making a full day charter fun from beginning to end.

Captain John Tarr Fishing Charters|Tailhunter Outdoor Adventures|Florida|Fly Tying

As I write this, the weather here is not being kind. Cold temperatures, howling winds, rain, and grey skies are hampering fishing efforts. The good news: it will be over by this weekend, with temperatures returning to the 70's and the famous Florida sun returning. The fish will be hungry and the catching should be off the charts. Until then, I do what all professional guides do: prepare for the future and dream! Preparation has included new tackle purchases for client use and tying up plenty of flies. It makes a great way to stay connected to the fishing realm and making sure that your trip will be the best I can provide. Besides, fly tying is just a great way to pass some down time.

So, if you are tired of the snow and cold, and ready to make your dreams come true, give me a call and we will prepare and outdoor adventure just for you! Oh yeah, don't want to forget my birding friends either! With more than 300 species of birds in the area right now, it's a perfect time to spend a few hours on the water, relaxing, spotting, and taking photographs.

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